What is this thing called perfection………..?

Welcome to my blog. 

Today I saw peace. I was chosen to glimpse into heaven and see the world for what God had destined it to be. My troubles didn’t matter as I boarded the subway and rode with 50 other bodies. Faces full of pain, lack of sleep and anger. As I listened to Kirk Franklin’s “Today” the dancer in my flared to life. I began to lip-sync and dance in place. Eyes closed I thanked God for His mercy and glory. Unbeknownst to me I was being watched by a woman lucky enough to have grabbed a seat. Our eyes met and she smiled and mouthed “Thank You”.

She left at the next stop and I continued on my way to my destination. God is amazing in His glory. I am far from perfect and I make some terrible mistakes but man oh man does He use me for His glory. See, we never really know what happens to a person. We never know how we truly influence someone. I am not proud of my past or present mistakes BUT I am proud of how I use the outcomes.

A lot of people all over the world get discourage by other Christians because of their past. If a single mother, like me, can put a smile on a strangers face all because I silently gave praise to God in a public place then I wonder what I could do if I opened my mouth.

I will share my stories and experience with all those willing to listen. All I ask for is prayer. “Today, I think I feel the weather change. Think I felt my last drop of rain……….TODAY” Changing for the Glory never felt so good!

Love, Peace and JOY


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