How to save a LIFE

All it takes is a hug, a smile, a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on. Words are not always needed. I learned that last night when my best friend told me she wanted to end her life. Rushing over to her house, my mind went into overdrive. I thought about her two little girls, her laugh and her smile. I prayed for peace, for God to wrap His arm over her and pour His love on her. 

When I walked into the door she shrieked and hugged me so tight I couldnt breathe……..she cried saying she didnt think I was going to come. I just sat and listened while she talked. Like magic all the pain she was suffering lifted off her body. 

We as Christians tend to think that we have to talk to show love and support when in all reality our very presence and God in our corner can change the lives of those that are lost and trapped by satan. 

We don’t need to be perfect, quote bible verses of give huge lectures about a person’s life to save someone. Yesterday, I saved a Child of God, a woman, mother of 2. She thanked God for His mercy and woke this morning better than the day before. I thank God for His glory and salvation. I went to her let her hug me. Held her and listened. 

Challenge to you readers…………How will YOU save a life today?




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